Welcome to CandidateNet

Hide your vacancies from the wrong applicants. Invite the right ones to apply. Simple, fast, logical.

We are an intelligent job-search application with a revolutionary approach to candidate-job matching.

In just 10 minutes our system will hide your vacancies from the wrong candidates. Then invite the right ones to consider the jobs for which they are not un-suitable.

Applicants get to see the jobs they could get, without being limited by job titles, industry sectors, or a CV written before even seeing the vacancy details.

You get a much better targeted selection of applicants.

Learn how CandidateNet works for you.

CandidateNet is an additional tool for increasing the efficiency of your business, and an alternative to the conventional job-title, industry-sector and keyword-search, ways of candidate/job-matching.

A system that will massively increase your pool of potential candidates, help find candidates you never knew you had, and save you time and money dealing with unsuitable applications. Furthermore, CandidateNet is automatically connected to the central pool of applicants at JobShock.co.uk.

10 minutes work avoids weeks of wasted time and loss of motivation.

You get a special link to our 10 minute, online interview, containing questions relating to the applicant’s "basic work-skills and aspirations" (the sort of skills that are necessary for ALL jobs across the entire spectrum). You then email this link to all your past and present candidates, include it in your job adverts, post it in social media - anywhere you could attract potential candidates - and automatically send it as a response to all your current applicants.

Every time you post a job on the system your applicants get invited to consider all the jobs they have a good chance of getting. These “pre-selected” jobs are then displayed together with any number of screening questions defined by you. Potential candidates can quickly dismiss unsuitable vacancies.

You only receive the “suitable” applications arranged in a preferential order based upon their “variance” from ideal. As candidates are aware they have been “pre-selected”, they are much better motivated to write an appropriate, tailored CV, for your specific vacancy.... and they can even get an automated "let-down" email if they’ve been unsuccessful.

So ...

  • Your applicants love you as you show them all the jobs they could get - and only the jobs they could get.
  • You spend infinitely less time reading unsuitable applications.
  • Your applicants are kept informed and are better motivated to keep applying.
  • Your applicant pool grows and grows and your efficiency continues to improve with time.
  • You get to impress your clients as they can also be (optionally) involved in the process.
  • Your applicants get a revolutionary, professional looking, mobile/tablet compatible system, with your own branding - that makes you look even greater!

Set-up and use in a matter of minutes.

Simply email a special invite link to your current list of potential candidates. The rest of the process is fully automated.

Explore our pricing


£95 Per month

  • One user
  • 20 jobs
  • 10,000 candidates
  • Email support


£380 Per month

  • Five users
  • 100 jobs
  • 50,000 candidates
  • Email support
  • Direct phone support
  • Custom branding


CALL for a quote

  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited jobs
  • Unlimited candidates
  • Email support
  • Direct phone support
  • Custom branding
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Refund policy

All of our payment plans come with a one month free trial, and we won’t take any money from you until the end of your trial period. During this trial period we will give free telephone support and as much help and guidance as is necessary for you to be absolutely sure you love CandidateNet.co.uk and want to be a loyal customer of ours forever! If, however, for whatever reason, you feel CandidateNet.co.uk is not for you, you can cancel at any time before the end of your one month trial and we’ll be sad to see you go, but won’t take any of your hard-earned cash. For those of you who still love us the monthly charge will be taken at the beginning of each period and you won’t get any back unless we can’t provide you with our usual fantastic service. Once you’ve paid for a month, you can cancel next month’s service at any time before your next payment date. Your card details will be taken when we set up your trial - and we'll give you login details for our cancellation system - so you can log in and cancel at any time.